Stop rethinking, start R E I M A G I N I N G

Do more than is required. What is the distance between someone who achieves their goals consistently and those who spend their lives and careers merely following? The extra mile.
— Gary Ryan Blair

To be honest guys, this is one of the biggest steps I've taken in a long time. I have had a dream to create a space that is unique, encouraging, and allows me to share what I love with others. The whole purpose of this website is to encourage speaking words of love and positivity - even in a dark and uncertain world.

So many of you have been so so incredibly encouraging. Some of you have been asking me to create something like this for years. It is true, I have been working as a contracted artist for years just word-of-mouth and have been commissioned with more projects than I can count. I truly began to see my potential when I started creating chalkboard art for my local Starbucks in OR and word started spreading about my unique style. From wedding signage to hand painted signs, I have gotten the honor to create some really beautiful pieces. Now, the beauty of each piece truly came from the collaboration with the client from conceptualizing to the finished product is what I'm referring to. Making someone smile by having a beautiful new piece for their home or as customized gift for someone else gives me more joy than I can describe.

On the other hand, I have been doing so much rethinking and have ultimately hesitated drastically. I have paid for the hosting of this website for months and haven't had the courage to really put myself out there. All negative comments I've heard over the years (not even related to my art) seem to cloud me when I'm about to take a big step and face the potential of either seeing success or being rejected. However I truly believe that any area of life that is faced with incredible amounts of pushback must be worth fighting for, especially when you are fighting for something that is positive in this world.

So to just be up-front with all of you, I am hoping to create an online community where I can be sharing the gifts of my friends and other artists here as well. Comments have been enabled on this blog as I want to hear your feedback!! People have been asking for some of my recipes and other fun stuff that I've shared on Instagram over the years and this blog will reflect some of that fun content as well. I am passionate about helping others unlock their potential in their gifting so I plan on having free resources for aspiring artists as well (or just for people that want to give lettering a shot, it is relaxing as all get out!!). Please interact here, and feel free to share the love!

Ways to get involved:

- Reach out to me on IG about your art or artists that I should be considering to feature/collab with! Please tell me their/your story about how you got started and how your art impacts your life and those around you. I love to connect with other artists! (@lettersandpaiges on Instagram)

- Let me know about local charities that we should be impacting together. What groups are working to support families and individuals that the proceeds from L&P orders should support in your opinion? I want to hear your thoughts!

- Share, share, SHARE on social media. Facebook is a great place to share my work as well as some of the resources that I will be making available.

- Pinterest is a must. If you see anything you like, a way that really helps me is adding my work to your wish list or art boards. This will be greatly appreciated!


Thank you all for the support and I am so thrilled to take this next step in sharing this space with each of you.

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