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Letters and Paiges

By Paige Nosack



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who i am

Hi there! Thanks for checking out my website and I am so glad that you are here. Let’s chat a bit and become friends.

I am currently a twenty-seven-year-old artist and musician living in Portland with a full time job in the technology industry. It is definitely no easy task keeping up on commission work and special projects on the side but that is part of the fun! I travel regularly mainly in the U.S. but I have some close family members (and friends I consider family) that live overseas. One of my long-term goals is to begin an illustrative series of different places I’ve been to so hold me accountable to this one because it needs to happen!

fun facts time.

#1 i am an ex-barista and i miss making fun latte art for people almost every day. i don’t know why those business men in suits and on their phones didn’t appreciate hearts in their coffees as much as i did but i tried not to take it too personally.

#2 as i grow older i realize i am an extrovert who actually enjoys alone time. i didn’t know those existed and i didn’t know it was possible for me until i became obsessed with making art and constantly filling out my collection of happy planners.

#3 i used to be terrible at hand lettering! guys, i was BAD. in 2014 i decided i was tired of my 1st grade cursive techniques and in 2015 i discovered bullet journaling and tombow’s dual brush pens. the rest is history (and i should totally post some of those pages because it was a major learning curve for me!) i taught myself lettering through pinterest and instagram posts and figured out my individual style organically

#4 i got a music degree. can you believe it!? i spend my m-f days in full time technology sales bada** mode and then my nights and weekends are filled with art and tons of music. over the last few years i have written two full-length albums and my goal is to begin recording my first one by the end of 2020. (feel free to hold me accountable to that one too!)

#5 i am on youtube every day for more hours than i would like to admit. does anyone else prefer youtube to anything on cable/streaming services? unless it’s a show i’m really into, it’s youtuber content all the way man.

If you are a creative that is unsure of where to start, I feel you. If you have countless dreams that you want to turn into reality, I can definitely relate. If you are anything like me and try to juggle way too many things while still staying plugged into your creative outlets and relationships, please know that you are not alone! We are all in this together and one thing that truly keeps me moving in life is the amazing art Instagram community. If I could encourage you in any way I would ask you to put your art out there, reach out to some of your favs on IG and build some genuine relationships. I promise those people won’t let you down and they will be a continual encouragement and blessing in your life just like so many have done for me in return. Feel free to send me a message or DM any time!

what i do

Over the years I have taken many different types of projects and here are my specialties:

Digital and print campaigns

Event and company branding

Digital design

Custom stationary and art pieces

My main focuses as an artist are hand lettering, watercolor and gouache painting, surface design, and graphic design.

Some of my practical experience includes:

Wedding signage

Event graphic and print design

Custom stationary including cards, notebooks, and other print items

Canvas and framed art

Logo design

Design consultation to help clients conceptualize and plan to make their vision a reality


"the road to success is always under construction" -lily tomlin



Life is a continual process of change and I believe in celebrating the beauty of each season. Before pen hits the paper I am challenged with not only making something new, but making something that sparks hope and brings encouragement to the world one day at a time. Each custom piece comes with a story and one of the most rewarding feelings is to depict someone's story in visual form.

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